X3Daemon Multiuser Network Server
The X3DaemonTM Multiuser Network Server

  ...turns Web3D worlds into rich multiuser chat, object & avatar environments.

Its decentralized, cloud based*, 3D multiuser network server infrastructure provides**
real-time chat and visual interactions between avatars and moveable objects in virtual worlds.

* Platform as a Service (PaaS)

** Commercially available to developers/clients, and to
    Web City Office TowersTM 3D World's Platinum Members.

See X3DaemonTM in action at the Office TowersTM 3D World.

Give your VRML and X3D worlds the ability to render real-time multiuser avatar and object interactions.

This, much like multiplayer console games but using computers over the Internet, in a context reminiscent to social worlds. Several specialized and innovative virtual world and game functions are made available to Web3D developers. Such as...

  • Fully compatible with Avatar Studio version 1 and 2 avatars.

  • Adds, removes and manages remote inworld avatars.

  • Sends and receives avatar gestures (waive hello, laugh, sit, etc.).

  • Sends and receives remote avatars and objects position (move furniture, etc).

  • Sends and receives objects behavior (open/close doors, elevators, driveable cars, etc.).

  • Provides integrated public textual bubble chat and private chat group services.*

  • Supports multi-stage gamification process & content management.

  • Supports seamless group-zones (move between chat groups and worlds via teleport).

  • Provides live notification of user login and level achievements via email.

  • Provides detailed chat logging for security and usage review.

  • Works with SQL based contact management utilities for user administration.

  • Works with Web3D compliant browsers (Fully tested with BS Contact) with or without a Web browser.

  • Support for YouTube/Flash videos (BS Contact).

  • Support for Collada objects (BS Contact).

  • Works behind firewalls and with encrypted assets (BS Contact).

  • Scalable infrastructure. Virtually unlimited number of inworld users.

  • Client side appearance and functions are customizable using X3D and Javascript as desired.

* We encourage users to continue taking advantage of existing communication platforms such as voice over ip (VoIP), videos and various other networking tools and services. The goal of X3Daemon is not to replace these offerings but complement them with real-time 3D interactions.

X3Daemon - Control Panel

X3Daemon - User Management

Please contact 3DNPVEI for more information.