X3Daemon Multiuser Network Server

Not all web browsers support NPAPI plugins, so you'll need to pay attention about your system configuration. In a nutshell, use Internet Explorer or the Pale Moon (32-bit) browser in Windows and you will be good to go after installing the Contact version 8.0 (32-bit) 3D viewer (other versions not supported).

It is also possible to use newer versions of the Google Chrome browser if you have the IE Tab extension installed (however, sound does not work using this method).

OR, you may skip using a web browser entirely, and load the world directly into Contact version 8.0 in browserless operation mode. Simply copy and paste the URL below into Contact (Select File, Open). However, no chat frame will be shown as when using a web browser. Public chat will still work via bubbles, but private group chat will be disabled. In addition, sound and music will play only if previously enabled using a web browser (so cookies can be set in advance).

If you are not using one of the above web browsers,
load this URL directly into Contact 8.0:

3D World Setup

Your Status What You Need
Not Ready
Operating System [+]
Not Ready
Web Browser [+]
Not Ready
Javascript must be enabled. In Internet
Explorer's Tools menu (or the Gear
sign in the upper-right corner) select
Internet Options, Security tab, Internet
zone, choose Medium or Medium-high
level, or alternatively click the Custom
level button and go down the list to find
and enable Scripting. Reload this page.
Not Ready
3D Plugin [+]
Broadband Internet

     Legend Ready Standing By Not Ready
Ready OK/Standby Attention

Minimum Hardware: [+]

Contact Settings: [+]

Performance Tips: [+]

Troubleshooting: [+]


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